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Revisited Released On Amazon Kindle
January 2015


Revisited has been released on Amazon Kindle. 


It is available for purchase through the Amazon store at the following link: http://goo.gl/8a5efY


Noah expects his vacation in England to be uneventful. But then his vehicle crashes into Olivia’s. With their first meeting anything but cordial, and their clashing personalities, Noah is eager to run the other way. That is, until a chance encounter at a medieval castle sends the pair hurtling back to experience their past lives... as the married Earl and Countess Northchester. When their day in the 14th century ends in murder, and they return to an altered present, they believe that their strange encounter is over. But then it happens all over again. Revisited blends history and clever humor to create an unconventional romance told through the eyes of two witty and engaging characters.












December, 2015


To commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the writing of Fortune's Flight, Bailly Morse is releasing a second edition of the novel. It is now available on Amazon.


Isabelle Lachance has lived a sheltered life in France just after the Napoleonic Wars. That is, until the winds of fate navigate a ship, bearing a secret, directly to her seaport town. Isabelle is soon swept away by the mystery of the French King’s jewels, the crown treasure that once belonged to King Louis XVI. As rumors of smuggling and conspiracy abound, Isabelle must navigate a new world of intrigue, deception, and romance to save the future of France.

Fortune's Flight Available on Amazon


The Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) Expo will be an event in Sturbridge MA on Friday, September 16th. It is open to members of the MHEC only. She will be attending with a myriad of other authors, selling and signing books, and networking with other talented local writers. 


Held at Mount Holyoke College, Bailly's alma mater, the Write Angles Conference is open to writers and others interested in the publishing and literary industries. This is held annually, and this year it is going to be October 29th. 

Book Talk - Hatfield

MMorse will be speaking at the Hatfield Book Club Meeting on February 21, 2017.

February, 2017


To commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the writing of Renegade Ransom, Bailly Morse has released a second edition of the novel. It is now available on Amazon.


Sylvie LaFontaine’s world is thrown into turmoil when her family is kidnapped by a ruthless bandit, a man intent upon finding the lost crown jewels of the former King Louis XVI. With the help of her naive cousin and a mysterious stranger, Sylvie races against time to find the treasure that could be her family’s only salvation.

Renegade Ransom 

Available on Amazon