Past, Present, and Future

Fortune's Flight

Isabelle Lachance was barely more than a girl the day that the ship arrived in her sleepy French town. With that ship came Captain Gabriel Noir and Lieutenant Antoine Ladue, two men vying for her attentions. With that ship came the whispered secrets about the mysterious French King's Jewels, the treasure of the late Louis XVI. With that ship came the adventure that Isabelle had been dreaming about, and the peril that she never expected. 

Renegade Ransom

Sylvie LaFontaine departs her hometown in the small island community of Guadeloupe, expecting a simple family reunion on the shores of France. However, her expectations of a tranquil visit are shattered when she discovers the existence of a secret radical group known as the Défenseurs, who have been fighting against a deadly group of bandits who seek to use the French King's jewels for evil means. With the aid of a reformed thief, her obstinate cousin, and a cryptic map, Sylvie races to rescue her family, and keep the King's treasure out of the hands of the enemy.



Noah expects his vacation to England to be uneventful. But then he crashes into Olivia’s car. With their first meeting anything but cordial, and their clashing personalities, Noah is eager to run the other way. That is, until a chance encounter at a medieval castle sends the pair hurtling back to experience their past lives... as the married Earl and Countess Northchester. When their day in the 14th century ends in murder, and they return to an altered present, they believe that their strange encounter is over. But then it happens all over again. Revisited blends history and clever humor to create an unconventional romance told through the eyes of two witty and engaging characters. 


Evangelos is having a hard time fitting in. His parents are pressuring him to do well, his extended family is nosy about his personal life, and his girlfriend recently broke up with him. But then again, no one ever said that being a demi-god living on Mount Olympus was easy. To add to his personal drama, Evangelos has an important induction into the Grecian God Society coming up, and he still has no idea what his Mere Mortal Outreach Program community service project is going to be. Thanks to the Fates and a chain of unstoppable events, Evangelos is soon forced to live as a mortal on earth for an undetermined period of time as punishment by his dad, Zeus. Not only that, but he has to succumb to the worst kind of torture that there exists: attendance at Athena High School in the United States. A comedy about the search for acceptance and a hero who finds humility in spite of his hubris.

Produced Plays


Both plays have large casts that can be double cast in some cases. This, and the age-appropriate content, make them ideal for producing in either high school or adult theaters. 

Play Dead


New York, the 1920s. Disreputable director Roy Reilly goes missing on opening night of his theater production, Death After Dinner, and a mysterious note implies that he's been 'taken care of' by someone within the theater community. Could it be the leading lady with the voice not fit for talkie films? Or the eager young actor who keeps getting killed off in all the shows? Maybe even the overworked theater owner and his flighty fiancé? It seems that when Detective Harvey Buckets arrives on the scene, the question isn't who would want Reilly dead… it's who wouldn't want him dead! A quick-witted comedy rife with mixups, mobsters, and more drama than should be in any theater. 

Crown's Crusade


In this thrilling third installment in the French King's Jewels series, Isabelle Lachance and Sylvie LaFontaine are forced back into the intrigue of the jewels. Old allies return, and bonds of family and friendship are tested as an enemy threatens to take away everything that Isabelle and Sylvie hold dear. Their journey stretching from Paris and Versailles, to a Templar city on the Southern coast, to the Pyranees Mountains and Northern Spain, an unlikely group of heroes must solve the historic clues that will aid them to a victory for France. And lead them to the last, and greatest, treasure of Louis XVI. 




"When people move away, things change. I had been out of school for seven days, and moved into the new house for three. With a whole lot of miles stretching out behind me and home, and a lonely summer ahead, things seemed to have taken a turn for the worse. It was during that summer in the late 1950s that I turned seventeen. It was a summer of horses and rainstorms, picnics and tree climbing. It was the summer that I met Charlie Cooper." 


Pine Crest Estate


Emma Dalton has been seeing things. And the strange part is, these visions are not of her own life in 2006, but of a life long since gone. Emma visits the place that seems to play a significant role in these strange trance-like states: Pine Crest Estate. It is the old mansion of a duke who was suspected of murdering his house guest in the year 1871. When she steps foot on the property, she is whisked away into her own past life as Emmaline Fairchild, the beautiful, soon to be murdered, acquaintance of James Lysander Thornhill, Duke of Rosewood. Emma believes she was sent back to stop her own death, and thinks it is the only way to get home her own time. But the more she remembers about her past life, the more her present seems to fade. And all the while, her feelings for the Duke of Rosewood are growing…


Dust and Calico


This heartfelt coming-of-age story set in the 1880s focusses on several key moments in the lives of two young people. As disparate as dust and calico, Jeremiah and Annie have grown up together on a ranch in Texas since childhood. With their families working side by side as partners in the ranch, the pair have had times when they hated one another, and times when those feelings have softened. But when an outsider threatens to destroy their homes, Annie, Jeremiah, and his adoptive brother Beau, must come together to preserve their families' legacy, not realizing how much they will discover about themselves on the journey.




All are completed manuscripts. Full synopsis available upon request.